We are once again open for business on Etsy!  I am planning on only stocking superwash yarns and spinning fibers!  We’re slowly getting up some yarns.  There are a few things in stock right now! 🙂  Come visit us at lainesmagnifiques.etsy.com!


I’m trying hard to find the sock knitting love.  It’s not working so well.  While I absolutely adore dyeing sock yarn for my customers…knitting it is a completely different story.   Have you ever started a project and get just enough done to where you can see what it will turn into, and then suddenly get bored of it and drop it like a hot potato? (I think every crafter has done this at some point ;))  Well that is how I feel about these socks!  For my first pair of “real” socks  (real meaning, socks that are not knit with bulky yarn!) I chose a pretty simple pattern, a simple design, something more than straight stockinette stitch but nothing too intricate like a lace pattern.  The yarn weight was DK, the needles a size 4 so not too big but not too small either, PERFECT for my first sock project.

But I’m bored!  What am I going to do with these things anyway?  Besides wear them on my feet in my shoes! I don’t even LIKE socks! What was I thinking??  Knitting something I don’t even like and might never wear! 🙂

Now please no flames, I WANT to love sock knitting! I WANT to wear my new knit socks! I KNOW they are like no other sock out there BUT I can’t get them done… I love dyeing sock yarn (but I think I said that already)…so I need to love socks!

Maybe it was the pattern..while a great beginner pattern maybe I need more of a challenge!  I’m an experienced “I’ve been knitting since the age of 8”  knitter, so maybe its the challenge I need, some real sock weight yarn and a great pattern!


Maybe I should just stick to sweaters! 😀

I’m having my last sale of the summer so get it 15% off while you can! 🙂 This is for all in stock yarn on my Hyena Cart and my main website! Sale ends July 31st. Sale also includes all custom slots on my Hyena Cart.

This sale does not include Preorder yarns or Yarn Club Subscriptions.

July Updates

Summer is here and school is out!  🙂 The Laines Magnifiques webstore will be closed from the 23rd of June until mid July. I am taking some time away from the internet to work through co-ops, and to spend some quality summer time with my family. I will be checking emails but I am going to try to limit it to once a week during this time, so please keep that in mind when emailing me as I will not be responding immediately.  Thanks very much and have a wonderful summer!!

I’m having a huge sale right now at http://www.lainesmagnifiques.com  There is still lots of in stock yarn available which I have marked down 15% off!  Sale is going on until June 24th!  Be sure to check it out!

On my Hyena Cart I have quick preorders of Strawberry Wine and Alice!  This are available until Friday and then they will close for dyeing and shipping by the 23rd!

Tomorrow morning I will be re-opening my webstore with a few new changes!! Canadians will now be able to pay with Canadian dollars!!   Choose your currency; USD and CND available!  I will be stocking many different colourways, on different yarn bases.

There will also be 3 preorder colourways:
Mock Turtle

Mock Turtle

Due to a technical issue that I haven’t figured out yet, preorders will be stocked on my Hyena Cart at 10 am
In stock yarn will be stocked around the same time on the main store.
And don’t forget about surprise yarn subscriptions!!  A yarny suprise in your mailbox every month!
Hope to see you on Thursday at 10am!


May Yarn Club

Spoiler pics will be up this afternoon! 🙂 I will edit this post when its up!


ETA: make that tomorrow morning, my camera battery just dyed!


Pics finally added! 🙂 https://theyarngoddess.wordpress.com/yarn-club-spoilers/