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I had a little contest on my Ravelry group to name my club yarns, since “Sock Club” and “Aran Club” just seemed so uninspired.  I have to admit, while I am creative and unique with the crafty side of me, creative words escape me so I asked for a little help!

There were a lot of wonderful entrants and thank you all for participating!!  The winner for my sock club name “Socks Magnifiques” is Kimberly!  Congratulations Kimberly and thank you for the suggestion!  I am still working on an Aran club one.  I like a lot of the names submitted, but I’m looking for a feel to the club, so I may play with the names and somehow work one into my club name!  Stay tuned I hope to have a new name for our Aran Club soon!

Now, back to socks!  Socks Magnifiques club yarns are now available on the Laines Magnifiques Website for Fall subscriptions!  I’m doing something a little different for this and subsequent subscriptions.  Each month there will be a theme that I am following for the club.  My inspiration will come from the following themes,

September – Colours of Fall

October – All Hallow’s Eve

November – First Signs of Winter

I’m already working hard creating colourways for this subscription!  There will be some fun new sock yarns available in this subscription as well, from fingering to sport weight!  For more details check out our Socks Magnifiques listing! 🙂  Subscriptions are available in 1 month and 3 month increments.  The one month listing will be up later today! 😉


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Spoiler pics will be up this afternoon! 🙂 I will edit this post when its up!


ETA: make that tomorrow morning, my camera battery just dyed!


Pics finally added! 🙂 https://theyarngoddess.wordpress.com/yarn-club-spoilers/

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Pics coming soon! All subscriptions have shipped! 🙂 I have to say that I adore this new colourway and stashed a skein of it to keep for my own personal use!! Keep an eye out! 🙂  I will give you the name though!  I’ve called it “New Beginnings”, since dyeing this yarn became very helpful for me during this difficult time.  I put it on the lovely worsted weight Rayonannt Organic Merino.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it all as I have creating it! 🙂  

ETA: Pics are up HERE

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I know I haven’t been getting these up lately but I am back on track and here are the pictures for March’s yarn club spoilers!!

I have to say that I had a LOT of fun creating this colourway!  I hope that you all enjoy knitting it as much as I enjoyed creating it.  I did have a little inspiration for this colourway from a favourite fabric of mine “Kumquat Goldfish”

So withouth further ado, here is Kumquat Goldfish on Champion BFL Aran!



Kumquat Goldfish on Champion BFL

Kumquat Goldfish on Champion BFL

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Better late than never.  Here is December’s yarn club spoiler picture!  This month’s subscription is on our wonderfully soft Champion BFL!   I’ve called this colourway Jordan!




Jordan on Champion BFL

Jordan on Champion BFL

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Well, here we are, 4 months into our yarn subscriptions and I am proud to say that they have more than doubled since we first started back in August!

This one started with some new dyes I bought a month ago and wanted to play with some of the colours. When I started to put the colour to the wool I began to notice that the colourway was taking on a “holiday” appearance. It wasn’t my intention to do a holiday style colourway for the month of November but in hindsight I think the timing is almost perfect! I’m hoping that all my new subscribers will be pleased with their subscriptions and their new Laines Magnifiques yarns! 🙂

Also, kind of a housekeeping tidbit, all subscriptions will ship out between the 1st and the 3rd of the month. I forgot to take into account weekends, so if the first falls on a weekend, please know that your yarn will be shipped out the following business day! Thanks! 😉

Ok, without further ado, I’ve called this colourway Warmth

I hope you all enjoy, and if you want a surprise don’t look any further!!

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Sorry it’s a little late, with all this birthday madness I’ve been slow to get up the spoiler pics for this months yarn subscription!
So without further ado,  This is “Retreat” on Truculent Organic Merino 🙂
PS. If you don’t want to know don’t peak! 

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