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Ahh time to knit..

I have a few rare moments to knit so its back to those UFOs! You know, the ones that sit in the bottom of a bin in the back of a closet, and every now and then call out “Please won’t you come finish me!!”.  Well I’ve actually decided to jump back into one.  Back in April I gave my mom a “complete custom knit” item for her birthday.  She could pick the item, the yarn, and the colourway and I would create from scratch her perfect custom knit.  In all honesty I thought for sure she would choose something simple, a winter hat, some new mitts since her old ones have holes in them. Or maybe a nice shawl or something like that…and while she didn’t choose a full on sweater, she did choose this vest.  We searched Ravelry and knitty and every other knitting website for a button down vest that she could wear on the golf course.  Something that wasn’t too cumbersome, but that was heavy enough to keep her warm on those cool mornings of golfing with my dad.

So my first dilemma was that she choose a variegated yarn, and a pattern that has lace work in it.  While both are beautiful (can one say that about their own colourways?  I think so…), each does not coordinate well with the other.  The variegated pattern would not show the beautiful lace work.  I decided to give it a whirl and see how it looked despite the dark colourway.  She chose my “Personified” colourway because she felt it would match a lot of her wardrobe.  Not the best for lacework.  So, in an effort to give my mom a birthday present this year (did I mention this all started in April ;))  I’ve decided to drop the lace in the patter and just do a simple stockinette stitch with the garter stitch accents.  Hopefully it ends up looking okay, I will keep you posted…


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I’m trying hard to find the sock knitting love.  It’s not working so well.  While I absolutely adore dyeing sock yarn for my customers…knitting it is a completely different story.   Have you ever started a project and get just enough done to where you can see what it will turn into, and then suddenly get bored of it and drop it like a hot potato? (I think every crafter has done this at some point ;))  Well that is how I feel about these socks!  For my first pair of “real” socks  (real meaning, socks that are not knit with bulky yarn!) I chose a pretty simple pattern, a simple design, something more than straight stockinette stitch but nothing too intricate like a lace pattern.  The yarn weight was DK, the needles a size 4 so not too big but not too small either, PERFECT for my first sock project.

But I’m bored!  What am I going to do with these things anyway?  Besides wear them on my feet in my shoes! I don’t even LIKE socks! What was I thinking??  Knitting something I don’t even like and might never wear! 🙂

Now please no flames, I WANT to love sock knitting! I WANT to wear my new knit socks! I KNOW they are like no other sock out there BUT I can’t get them done… I love dyeing sock yarn (but I think I said that already)…so I need to love socks!

Maybe it was the pattern..while a great beginner pattern maybe I need more of a challenge!  I’m an experienced “I’ve been knitting since the age of 8”  knitter, so maybe its the challenge I need, some real sock weight yarn and a great pattern!


Maybe I should just stick to sweaters! 😀

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It’s so cold!

Admittedly I am not a winter person, in fact I pretty much hibernate from January until mid-March because the snow, the cold and the windchill in Southwestern Ontario is freeezing. (Don’t let the south part fool you..it may not be as cold as the North Pole but its darn right chilly!!)

So, as I sit here with cold damp feet, dried chapped itchy skin and a bit of perma-frost on the tip of my nose I begin to ponder what on earth can I do here to help!  Then it dawned on me.  I need some fingerless mitts (so I can still type on my precious laptop) and a nice woolly hat and some woolly socks!  And seeing as I am the yarn goddess with an abundance of wool within my grasp, I am now planning my next knitting projects (of course I still need to finish the kids sweaters and Sarah’s longies as well as some adjustments to some other projects that have been sitting on my needles far too long)  But I think my cold feet and hands are a priority right now! 😉  Did I mention that its -20 C  here in Southwestern Ontario!  Thats 3 degrees F!!  brrrrr cold!  Knitting might create some friction as well which should generate some heat!  

So while I ponder over patterns I think I will make myself a nice warm cup of Healing Pixie Harvest Moon Chai Tea and warm up a little bit..maybe finish a project or too..or just put my warm flannel jammies on and crawl into my little bed and hide under my big duvet until spring…..

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Linen Stitch Longies…yeesh!

I decided it would be fun (read: crazy!) to make Sarah a pair of linen stitch longies as part of her birthday outfit!! My baby is turning 2 on Thursday and we are doing the family party Saturday. Its going to be chilly and I want something she can wear that’s comfy but cute! I got some really pretty Dashing Dach’s Stallion yarn in the “Ponies” colourway in the mail last week and I decided this yarn was destined to be linen stitched!!

Attempt #1: No pics because I was so annoyed at myself! I was doing a 1/2 linen stitch instead of a full linen stitch. I couldn’t figure out why it looked funny until I realized I was knitting it wrong..so out they came. Frogged!
Attempt #2: No pics again…realized that the linen stitch is TIGHT!! Like super mongo crazy tight!! It’s so thick (going to be great as longies for the cloth diapers if I ever ever get them done!)…but yeah tight..I got about an inch in and tried to stretch only to realize that I did NOT have enough stitches on the needle to make them big enough, they probably would have been newborn size!!!
Attempt # 3: Here’s where I started taking pics. Doesn’t it look pretty…but yeah 3.5 inches too short on the hip measurement! I had 91 stitches on my needles, I thought for sure it was enough…nope I was sadly mistaken! Sigh…one day these will get done…maybe by this Saturday??
Attempt #4: 105 stitches on the needle…definitely enough room for a fluffy butt!! And if not I do . not. care. I am finishing them, and if they don’t fit Sarah I will sell them on my store!! They’ll fit someone’s daughter somewhere…but I really really want them to fit mine! I’ve put off all holiday knitting to get these done including a hat for my poor Ryan…who is currently wearing last years winter hat that doesn’t fit his head…He’s such a great kid and so patient! I WILL finish his hat..and these pants…..but back to the story at hand here…
Here is a picture of the work in progress of attempt number 4…

One day these will be done…by Saturday, I hope so, do I think so…probably not! Better come up with a back up plan just in case!! 🙂

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I’m knitting a really cute pair of longies for a customer in my Boychild colourway! They were looking fabulous, I had knit them to the split for the gusset and was actually starting the legs, but then I realized I was knitting an extra large instead of a large and they were huge!! AND, I was going to run out of wool, long before I got to the cuff, sooo, in the name of perfection I frogged the entire thing back to the waistband, where I decreased some stitches and started over. I’m back to the gusset now, but man! What a waste of hours and work, even though it was totally necessary, frogging can be so frustrating!!

I’ll be getting up a picture of them as soon as they are done!! (In the right size of course! )

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I am so interested in the term “throwing yarn”. I heard it today for the first time, but apparently it is a well known term in the knitting world. (I somehow missed the boat on this one!) And sure enough after looking at my favourite knitting tutorial site knittinghelp.com I fall into the category of “throwing my yarn”! I apparently thought that the only way to knit was the way I was taught at the age of 8, but now 27 years later, I learn that there are other ways to knit!

I’ve decided that I am going to teach myself the Continental Method! It seems pretty easy enough, and after testing it out on some scrap yarn, I realize I’m not too bad at it. But, I’m still slow! So my goal is to speed up the Continental Method and keep it within the gauge of whatever I am knitting! We’ll see how long THAT lasts!

So…how do you knit? Do you, like me, throw your yarn?? 🙂

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I have finally made a custom status graph on the side page of my blog. Here you can see how far along I am on your specific custom order, whether its a yymn, custom dye or a custom all slot! I will update it as I complete orders. I also have a chart that I have made and need to put up on my store site. Please refer to this for a more detailed status of you custom!

Thanks 🙂

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