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Newsletter Blitz!!!

I’m having a newsletter promotion for the month of December!  Sign up for my newsletter between December 1st and December 31st 2008 and your name will be entered into a draw for a $15.00 Gift Certificate to my store, Laines Magnifiques!!!

Already a subscriber to our newsletter?  Refer a friend by having them sign up (will need email confirmation from both parties) and you will both be entered into the draw too!! 
Why join the Laines Magnifiques newsletter?  Well there are a couple of very good reasons!
  1. To find out when our stockings will take place.  We stock our yarn regularly at 3 different locations, Hyena Cart, our own web store and the Artiste Congo.  Our newsletter will keep you up to speed!
  2. Sometimes we get a special limited quantity of yarn that won’t be offered on any of our main web stores!  Be the first to try out a limited time offer yarn!   Or know about a special stocking before the general public!  
  3. And lastly, we like to announce contests and discount codes occassionaly, and what better way to make them available to our loyal customers then through our newsletter!!  You wouldn’t want to miss out on this, now would you?
Sign up can be found here as well as on our main website www.lainesmagnifiques.com
Don’t forget..signing up in December means the chance to win a fabulous discount in January!! 

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Laines Magnifiques now has its own dot com webstore! The place where you can satisfy all those necessary yarn fixes any time of day!!

We are officially opening our doors to the world wide web on November 21st!

Get your yarn fixes by instant gratification with our in stock yarns! Or, if you prefer to make some choices of your own you can choose from one of many colourways with our semi-custom yarns! AND for those of you who like monthly suprises in your mailbox, we have a Laines Magnifiques Yarn Club, that will give you a fabulous yarnful surprise in your mailbox every month for as long as you like!!

Want to see what all the fuss is about! Come check us out in our new home:


During our Grand Opening Week we will have Flat rate $5.00 shipping to anywhere in North America!! (International shipping outside North America will have a discounted rate.)

Free shipping Within Canada on orders over $150.00

Hope to see you there!!

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Including our debuting new colourway “Tidepool” This colourway was done as a collaboration with June of Rising Sun Earthworks and was inspired by her Tidepool glaze! 🙂 Lots of other colourways just waiting for happy knitters and crocheters!

Visit Laines Magnifiques at Artiste to check them all out!! 🙂

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Well, here we are, 4 months into our yarn subscriptions and I am proud to say that they have more than doubled since we first started back in August!

This one started with some new dyes I bought a month ago and wanted to play with some of the colours. When I started to put the colour to the wool I began to notice that the colourway was taking on a “holiday” appearance. It wasn’t my intention to do a holiday style colourway for the month of November but in hindsight I think the timing is almost perfect! I’m hoping that all my new subscribers will be pleased with their subscriptions and their new Laines Magnifiques yarns! 🙂

Also, kind of a housekeeping tidbit, all subscriptions will ship out between the 1st and the 3rd of the month. I forgot to take into account weekends, so if the first falls on a weekend, please know that your yarn will be shipped out the following business day! Thanks! 😉

Ok, without further ado, I’ve called this colourway Warmth

I hope you all enjoy, and if you want a surprise don’t look any further!!

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