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Linen Stitch Longies…yeesh!

I decided it would be fun (read: crazy!) to make Sarah a pair of linen stitch longies as part of her birthday outfit!! My baby is turning 2 on Thursday and we are doing the family party Saturday. Its going to be chilly and I want something she can wear that’s comfy but cute! I got some really pretty Dashing Dach’s Stallion yarn in the “Ponies” colourway in the mail last week and I decided this yarn was destined to be linen stitched!!

Attempt #1: No pics because I was so annoyed at myself! I was doing a 1/2 linen stitch instead of a full linen stitch. I couldn’t figure out why it looked funny until I realized I was knitting it wrong..so out they came. Frogged!
Attempt #2: No pics again…realized that the linen stitch is TIGHT!! Like super mongo crazy tight!! It’s so thick (going to be great as longies for the cloth diapers if I ever ever get them done!)…but yeah tight..I got about an inch in and tried to stretch only to realize that I did NOT have enough stitches on the needle to make them big enough, they probably would have been newborn size!!!
Attempt # 3: Here’s where I started taking pics. Doesn’t it look pretty…but yeah 3.5 inches too short on the hip measurement! I had 91 stitches on my needles, I thought for sure it was enough…nope I was sadly mistaken! Sigh…one day these will get done…maybe by this Saturday??
Attempt #4: 105 stitches on the needle…definitely enough room for a fluffy butt!! And if not I do . not. care. I am finishing them, and if they don’t fit Sarah I will sell them on my store!! They’ll fit someone’s daughter somewhere…but I really really want them to fit mine! I’ve put off all holiday knitting to get these done including a hat for my poor Ryan…who is currently wearing last years winter hat that doesn’t fit his head…He’s such a great kid and so patient! I WILL finish his hat..and these pants…..but back to the story at hand here…
Here is a picture of the work in progress of attempt number 4…

One day these will be done…by Saturday, I hope so, do I think so…probably not! Better come up with a back up plan just in case!! 🙂


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I will be stocking a number of colourways this weekend on Artiste. Previews are up now! There will also be a collab featuring our Guest Artisan Rising Sun Earthworks and the artisans of Artiste..look for a knitters collab and other fun stuff! 🙂

Be sure to visit Artiste for all sorts of wonderful goodness! Saturday the 25th at 9pm!

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After much thought and deliberation I have decided to close the knitting and YYMN (your yarn my needle) area of my business in order to focus solely on dyeing yarn.  I feel that this is in the best interest for all parties involved, my customers, myself and my family.   

Thank you so much for your understanding!!  

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