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I’ve already begun to preview some new Fall colourways for 2008. “Pumpkin Patch” and “Spiced Apples” appeared on August 25th at Artiste and were a well received success!!

Pumpkin Patch
Spiced Apples

There will be some more new Fall colourways debuted at my One Year Anniversary Celebration on September 16th!! 🙂


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*Swooon* This yarn is the softest, yummy yarn I have ever laid my hands on. I absolutely adore it!
I was very honoured when Cynthia from Plumknit Yarn emailed me and asked if I would like to participate in a custom collaboration of sorts. I would be able to dye some of her fabulous cashmere yarn, for a customer, in their choice of my colourways! Of course I could not refuse!!! To be asked was an honour, and to be able to dye some cashmere was a pure treat!
My customer chose one of my newer colourways and we adapted it a little as she wanted the tones to be brighter in hue. I am truly pleased with the result and will continue to offer this colourway with the brighter tones as it is so vibrant and pretty, yet has some subtle quiet tones! I do hope that she loves it as much as I do! And I am very excited to see how this lovely yarn knits up!
So, without further ado, meet “Marine” on Plumknit 6ply 100% Cashmere yarn!!!

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Just thought I’d share some of my latest customs that I’ve completed!!

This one is from a little while ago, a custom knit in my “Sullivan” colourway:

Next we have an adorable pair of shorties in Wild Child Yarn Corriedale in her “Pot O Gold” colourway! I dyed the co-ordinating trim for this as per the customers request! I also completed a pair of longies with a brown trim but alas, I forgot to take a picture!! These were a treat to knit as I always admire and drool over my fellow yarn dyers yarn!! (these were taken prior to the drawstring being added)

And last but definitely not least, I have hot off the needles an adorable pair of longies knit using some luscious Mosaic Moon Montana Targhee in her “Hunter’s Moon” colourway!! Another treat to knit, I hope the mama loves them as much as I do!! 🙂

That’s all for now!! Some yarn pics coming soon! 🙂

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Honestly I really don’t know where the time goes. One day I’m thinking, I might like to open up my own online yarn store and sell my hand-painted yarn, and the next thing I know almost a year has gone by and I am on the crest of a new year in business!

There is lots of buzz going on right now here, I’m busy planning for my One Year Anniversary Celebration! Can you believe it?? Sometimes I have to shake my head and blink my eyes and pinch my arm to make sure my dream business is actually a reality! Ouch! The pinch hurts! 😉

Anyway, back to the planning. There are lots of amazing things coming to you live on September 16th!! A HUGE knitters/crocheter’s collaboration with some wonderful and amazing Guest Artisans, as well as some yummy diaper/yarn/ shirt and clippies for the girlie one collabs as well. There will be everything from diapers, to bags, to felted works, to clothing to candy to soaps and of course LOTS of yummy new fall colourways from yours truly!

What? Who you ask? You want names of all these wonderful people??

hmmm I’m not giving that away quite yet, but if you stay tuned to my blog, you might hear a rumbling or two about some different collabs in the works…. I even think some people have posted some information on their store websites… 😉 Soon I promise I will give away all the wonder WAHMs who ar participating in this extravaganza!! Don’t you just love the anticipation though?? Gosh, I know I do!!! But then, I know all the info don’t I?

More to come…..stay tuned!

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The first order of the Laines Magnifiques Yarn Club Subscriptions is off and running!! I am excited to announce that we have officially started a LM Yarn Club!! Currently there are only 3 subscribers, as this is a test run to see how things go, however, I am hoping to add more subscriptions in the near future. 🙂

So, without further ado, the spoiler pic! If you’d rather wait for for your package to arrive Please Don’t Look!!!

Enjoy! 🙂

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